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Twitter Putting More Ads In Your Stream

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March 21st, 2012

Promoted Tweets like this could be showing up in your Twitter Stream soon, no matter what device you use to view Twitter. Photo via Twitter.

It's been a busy month for the social media company Twitter. First they bought the blogging platform Posterous, today the company celebrated it's six year anniversary and now they announced that they're extending their advertising reach.

You may have already seen the new ads, but if you haven't you probably will see it soon. Whether you're using a traditional web browsers, smart phone or tablet to via Twitter, you'll now see advertisements from companies, even if you don't follow them. Before this change, the only promoted tweets that would show up were from advertisers that you were actually following.

The announcement came Tuesday from the 140 character or less micro-blogging platform that they made changes to their system that will allow them to publish promoted tweets basically anywhere you're using Twitter, whether it's on the web or via an app.

Twitter says so far the reaction has been positive in the testing that they started three weeks ago. Yesterday they expanded the test to allow brands to target their promoted tweets to mobile users that “share similar interests with their existing followers.”

It's great news for advertisers, they'll be able to get their message to you wherever you're viewing Twitter. Plus, they'll have the option to target users only on their iPhone or Ipad; their Androids or other mobile devices.

The default setting for advertisers will be targeting all of the devices, mobile game and app sellers will now be able to focus on just users who are likely to purchase their products.

It sounds good for Twitter and their advertisers, but have you seen these new version of promoted tweets? What did you think?

[Via LA Times]

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