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Man Shoves Gun Up Butt, Smuggles It Into Jail

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January 18th, 2012

There are concealed weapons, and then are are concealed motherf*@#ing weapons.

A Georgia man by the name of Michael Leon Ward was taken to the hospital last week as a precaution after police discovered that he had smuggled a gun into jail by shoving it up his rectum.

And yes, it was a real gun—a 10-inch .38 revolver, if you must know.

Ward was stopped for a traffic violation by the Onslow County Police in North Carolina on January 9.

During the routine stop, police discovered drugs and other paraphernalia. Then they checked the guy’s record and found he had outstanding warrants in Georgia for murder, armed robbery, and murder, among other things. So, obviously, they arrested him.

When booking him, the police performed a stadard strip search, then had the man do the old “squat and cough” to make sure nothing was up his backside. And apparently, everything checked out.

michael leon wardNevertheless, the next day, jail guards discovered a revolver in Ward’s toilet after being tipped off by other inmates. It wasn’t loaded, but ballistics tests revealed that it does work. (Maybe Ward was just waiting for some bullets to pass through his system?)

After they deduced that Ward had the pistol hidden in his arse the whole time, they immediately took him to the hospital to be checked out.

But here’s what I don’t get. You don’t just see the cops and quickly and discretely shove a 10-inch .38 revolver up your rectum. You’ve got to be gentle, taking your time and easing that thing up in there. Or so I would imagine.

So did this guy just happen to be driving around with a pistol up his ass when he had the misfortune of being stopped by police? Or is he some kind of gun-in-butt smuggling ninja, who somehow got that pistol up there in a flash without anyone seeing him?

Either way, it’s pretty amazing.

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