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Man with World’s Largest “Moobs” Removed

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August 12th, 2010

Guo, from Shandong province, first began to grow the man breasts, or “moobs” 10 years ago. Qingpo at first didn’t think of it as anything simply that he was putting on a little weight as he grew older.

Guo Qingpo, 53 from Dezhou has dealt with huge breasts for the last 10 years and finally had the chance to surgically remove them.

Nevertheless, over the next few years his “moobs” began to grow extremely quickly all the while everywhere else on his body remained the same. Guo became desperate and visited numerous hospitals in the major cities of China. However, none were able to give him a solution as to why he suddenly grew breasts.

The hospital where he was being consulted at, Jinan Chest Hospital invited more than 20 specialists from around the country to have a group consultation in regards to Guo’s predicament. They came up with a solution; they believe that Guo suffers from lipodystrophy syndrome which is a disturbance of fat metabolism that often involves the abnormal deposition and distribution of fat in the body.

Luckily, Guo finally got what he so desperately sought, the removal of his moobs.

by Mila Braz

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