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Masked Florida High School Streaker Makes Epic Get Away *VIDEO*

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September 13th, 2012

High School Streaker

Wearing nothing but a red Spider-Man's mask, a male streaker interrupted a high school home coming football game by running across the field bearing his all, but face.

What seemed to be an interesting game, a blow out by home team, Seminole High School, leading 22-3, turned into a show when the streaker saw his opportunity to get on the field and entertain the audience during the 4th quarter of the game.

Seminole Official reported that the streaker ran across the field, dogging all the security personnel. The streaker then used his Spider-Man like agility scaling two high fences risking serious injuries. When it seemed like he had nowhere else to go, up came the getaway car that hauled him away.

The crowd was cheering this braved streaker on. It seemed as though he had it all planned out, a clean get away; not realizing that the car had a license plate number that could be tracked back to the owner.

Officers not amused, though the crowd loved the show, decided to track the owner of the car down where they found the streaker. The streaker, who was just a teen, was arrested and charged with exposure of sexual organs and obstruction of justice.


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