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Mentally Ill Man Tortured By Cops, Pepper Sprayed To Death

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January 12th, 2012
man tortured by florida cops

Nick Christie, tortured by the Lee County (FL) Police

A mentally ill Ohio man’s heart gave out after he was tied naked to a chair, face covered with a mask, and pepper sprayed four times by police in Lee County, FL.

The coroner ruled the death a homicide, but guess how many of the officers involved have been charged?

If you said zero, pat yourself on the back. Then cry.

In March of 2009, Nick Christie, a 62-year-old grandpa suffering from heart disease, emphysema, and depression, decided to take a trip to Florida to visit his brother.

His wife was concerned about his mental state, as his doctor had been out of town prior to the trip, and no one had been monitoring the side effects of the drugs he was prescribed. Being a pretty smart lady, she contacted the Lee County Police to give them a heads up about her husband’s mental state, in case he should happen to get into any trouble.

She also contacted her local sheriff and asked him to explain that, if Nick was found, he should be taken to the hospital.

Sure enough, during his trip to Florida, Christie was picked up by the police on March 25, 2009 for supposedly being “drunk in a public space.” But he explained his medical situation to the police, and they released him.

Two days later, Christie was picked up by the police again, and again he was confused, disoriented, and angry.

This time, despite having full knowledge of his medical condition from his visit to the police station two days earlier, the Lee County Police decided to go bad cop on the poor guy.

When Christie became belligerent, they didn’t call in psychological consultants or take him to the hospital. They pepper sprayed him. Twice. And when he still didn’t settle down, they put him in a chair, placed restraints on his ankles and wrists, covered his mouth with a cloth, and pepper sprayed him two more times.

All this occurred over a span of 43 hours. During that time, he was never allowed to clean off any of the pepper spray that coated his skin. Which is, like, really really bad.

Eventually, Christie went into cardiac arrest; then the cops took him to the hospital. He suffered several more heart attacks over the next two days before eventually being declared brain-dead and taken off life support.

No one was ever charged in Christie's homicide. But his family is now suing the Lee County Police, so maybe there will be justice yet.

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