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Miami Zombie Caught By Surveillance Eating Man’s Face Off *VIDEO*

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June 1st, 2012

Miami Zombie, Rudy Eugene, 31 was caught naked eating the face of Ronald Poppo, 65, off who was also naked. This cannibalistic attack took 18 minutes as passers-by and police officers tried to get the man to stop; he just looked up with the meat of his victim in his mouth and growled!

The attack took place in Miami on Tuesday and started at approximately 1:55pm, according to The Miami Herald.

It was said that the man was drugged up on LSD, or Bath Salt! It is not 100% certain, toxicology test on Rudy Eugene should be announced in a few weeks!

Surveillance video caputered the 18 minute ordeal. Luckily the video don't capture the faces and the graphic details of the attack, you will see the naked bodies and movement under the bridge.


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