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Naked Dude Asks For Job, Gets Arrested *VIDEO*

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February 28th, 2012

Last weekend in Sacramento, California, police arrested a man just because he asked somebody for a job.

And also because he was high.

And naked.

Yes, 36-year-old crystal meth enthusiast Jose Ayala didn’t want to resort to breaking into cars or stealing from his family to pay for his expensive addiction. He had a sense of honor and dignity.

So instead he walked into a welding shop this past Saturday, explained how he was looking for work and was good with his hands, and then asked shop owner Chris Johnson for a job.

Problem was, Ayala made the #1 mistake in job-hunting: he wasn’t wearing any clothes.

Actually, looking for work at a welding shop while nude is not merely an ineffective strategy. It’s also likely to result in some seriously nasty burns on your private areas.

In any case, Johnson said “no way, Jose,” and asked the guy to leave. But when Ayala just hung around outside the shop instead of leaving, the owner called the cops.

When they arrived, that’s when things go ugly. Jose Ayala became extremely agitated and tried to fight the cops off. He even got ahold of the female cop’s hair and gave it a few good yanks before Johnson and his brother came to the officers’ aid and helped get the unclothed drug addict under control.

Afterwards, Ayala was charged with assault of a police officer and, obviously, indecent exposure.

Luckily, an employee at the shop caught the whole incident on camera—God bless the iPhone!

Check out the awesome video for yourself:

[via Huffington Post]

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