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Neo-Nazi Gang Makes And Sells Nazi-Themed “Monopoly” Board Game

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December 5th, 2011

neo-nazi monopolyHow is it that Nazis and neo-Nazis are able to keep surprising us year after year with their fanatical depravity?

You’d think by now we would have become a little more callus to the racist slurs and nauseating inhumanity. But still they manage to shock and appall us again and again.

So what did they do now that’s so awful?

They only took one of the world’s most beloved family board games and tweaked it so that the object of the game is genocide.

It seems that Uwe Mundlos, Uwe Böhnhardt and Beate Zschäpe—three members of a German neo-Nazi gang—designed, produced, and sold several dozen copies of their Monopoly knock-off, “Pogromly,” sometime in and around 1997.

The trio then used the money they made from this sick game (which they sold for about $60 a pop) to finance their thuggery—which included but was not limited to a number of bank robberies and at least 9 murders from 2000 to 2006.

As for the game itself, there are concentration camps instead of train stations, as well as Uwe Mundlos_Uwe Böhnhardt_Beate Zschäpedepictions of Hitler, burning Israeli flags, swastikas, and evil-looking Jews. So, yeah, it’s just about as sick and depressing as possible.

But here’s some good news: German police caught on to these sickos and tracked them down. When confronted, Uwe Mundlos killed Uwe Böhnhardt, then himself, while Beate Zschäpe turned herself in.

And in case you didn’t realize, the German justice system does not treat Nazi sympathizers with a light hand, so she’s in for some seriously hard time.

[via The Local]

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