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Indian Politician Watches P0rn On Cell Phone During Debate In Legislature

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February 8th, 2012

There are a lot of places where it’s probably not a good idea to watch porn on your cell phone. For example, in church, or at your kid’s daycare, or at your grandma’s house.

Also, you should probably avoid watching porn on the floor of a state legislature during the middle of a debate—especially if you are a member of said legislature.

This week, a politician in the Indian state of Karnataka learned this lesson the hard way.

On Tuesday, a camera man filming footage of a debate in the Karnataka state legislature noticed Laxman Savadi, a member of the majority party and the official Minister of Cooperation, holding a cell phone discreetly under his desk. Then he noticed two other legislators lean in, look at the phone, and make some excited gestures.

So the cameraman pointed his lends toward the scene and zoomed in.

What he discovered was that Savadi, CC Patil (the Minister for Women and Children), and Krishna Palemar were watching porn.

Laxman Savadi: moron politician

Obviously, the camera man’s footage got out, and the media and the rest of the extremely conservative country flew into a furry.

Interestingly, CC Patil and Krishna Palemar have resigned, claiming that while they will be exonerated (good luck), they don’t want to cause harm to their party.

But the guy actually holding the porno phone, Laxman Savadi? Hell no, he’s not going anywhere. He says that he was just trying to “prepare for a discussion [in the assembly] on the ill-effects of a rave party" recently held in Karnataka.

Savadi continued: "Why should I resign? The video I watched was of a woman being raped by four people. It was not porn."

Ooooooooh. Okay. You were just watching a video of a woman getting raped that was not porn. It was “research.”

Good luck with that line of defense, Laxman.

[via BBC News]

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