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Black Magic In Cambodia: Man Kills Chicken And Brings It Back To Life *VIDEO*

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January 22nd, 2013

Black Magic: Man Kills ChickenA disturbing video has surfaced on the web showing a man in Cambodia brutally dismembering a chicken's legs then cutting his neck killing it. The chicken looks to be tortured as his legs were first snipped, then snapped in half roughly  you can hear the chicken crying out in pain. The man then cut the chickens neck and shows you that it is now dead. With a few spins in the air the chickens legs are now healed and the chicken is alive once again. Many people deemed this stunt as the work of black magic.

After getting curious I decided to search the web to find out how is this even possible. I stumbled upon a users explanation on a forum. The user explained that the chicken legs were not broken but instead dislocated. The man then paralise it by stabbing it in the right place through the neck cutting off the blood supply to the brain making it pass out and body appear dead.

He then relocate the legs and cause a blood rush to the brain while swinging it around then drop the chicken and presto chicken appears normal but in actualy it's a mess. "poor thing" the user added.


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