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Man Trolls Cops Paying Parking Ticket With 137 Dollar Origami Pigs *PIC & VIDEO*

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September 13th, 2012

Here goes a man who took the phrase "stick it to the man" to another level. Referring to police officers as pigs, a man upset over his traffic light ticket decided to do the time, spent 6 hrs and fold 137 $1 dollar bills into pig shaped origami.

The man who goes by the YouTube handle "Bacon Moose" explained his actions in the video description:

I got this ticket in a town where the cops (and absurd redlight cameras) are pretty much a money trap and that's it. I decided to pay in an appropriate manner -- 137 origami pig $1 bills, put in a pair of dozen-donut dunkin donut boxes.


Initially when the cashier received the donut boxes filled with 137 Dollar Origami Pigs, he was not amused, he immediately called an officer over for help.

"What's that? I am not going to take them like that. The way that you have it folded…I'm not going to sit here and unfold all of that." said the cashier. And after a bit of back and forth, the officer asked the man was asked to unfold the dollar bills. But not before he took a cell phone picture of this awesomeness.

Eventually the cashier came around and started to to see the humor in the situation. "You made me laugh. I'll give you mad props, You have made my day sir, I'll give you that." He said.

Was this not the most awesome troll ever? check out the pics of his beautiful art work.

Dollar Pig Origami

Dollar Pig Origami

Dollar Pig Origami

Dollar Pig Origami

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