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Online Coupons Are Helping to Save Trees

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December 21st, 2011

Every year, over 13 million trees are shed in order to produce paper coupons. These are then placed in the fold of newspapers and magazines. What is disheartening is that 99 percent of the paper coupons are not even looked at and are tossed out with the free brochures and pamphlets that are usually attached with the newspapers. It is therefore necessary for businesses to create online coupons and forward them to customers instead of wasting paper by cutting trees.

The aim of paper coupons is to save consumers some money in their grocery shopping. However, the savings are usually so minimal that it is not even worth it to cut trees. Some people don’t understand what the fuss is all about and why felling trees is a bad thing. Trees release oxygen to the atmosphere which combines with hydrogen to form rain water. It also displaces the carbon dioxide in the air which causes destruction of the ozone layer.

Online coupons save a big deal on cutting of trees. These features take a long time to grow when planted and that is why it is important to avoid cutting them at all costs. There is a lot of buzz surrounding global warming which is said to be caused by the destruction of the ozone layer. The destruction means that the sun’s rays which have strong ultraviolet light hit the earth and cause violent hurricanes, hot summers, extreme winters and rising sea levels.

Online coupons are efficient in that the individual looking to save on products that they use can print them only when needed as opposed to the paper ones that involve printing of thousands of coupons which end up in the trash and thus leave a large carbon foot print.

The online coupons are an advantage because they are not limited to one geographical area but are accessible to people all over the country. This means that the shopper has more control over their experience and can go to other stores that recognize it even when faraway from home. The online coupon can be adjusted to the various cultures of the US by changing the language settings on them so that the shopper can understand the deal on the coupons.

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