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Sexy Barista Stirs Controversy In Italy *Pics*

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February 28th, 2012

Laura Maggi, 34

For a long time, Laura Maggi just ran a typical Italian cafe, selling coffees, beers, snacks, cigarettes, and lotto tickets.

Then one day she decided she would start wearing sexy outfits to work each day and see if business picked up a bit.

Next thing she knows, cars are double-parked outside her store, men are coming from 70 miles away just to have a cappuccino, every woman in the small town of Bagnolo Mella hates her guts, and she’s the talk of Italy.

Ahhh. The power of boobs.

Yes, it turns out that Italian men really enjoy getting their coffee and cigarettes from a women with nice figure. So as soon as the 34-year-old Maggi started showing a little skin, her place—called Le Cafe—quickly became the number one bar in the town of Bagnolo Mella.

Today, at all hours of the day, the place was packed with dudes slurping espresso, pounding beers and, obviously, ogling the sultry proprietor.

The only problem is that, along with earning a bunch of extra money, Maggi has also earned a bunch of dirty looks from the women of Bagnolo Mella. In fact, things got so bad that a bunch of women in the town got together and officially banned their husbands from going to Le Cafe.

Don’t worry, though. All this ultimatum did was draw more attention to Maggi and her coffee shop. After someone posted a picture of the sexy barista online, Italy’s national media got wind of the controversy, and now she’s appearing on talk shows and doing interviews.

So what’s her take on all this?

“I know I have upset the women but that’s not my problem,” Maggi explains. “It’s not my fault if guys want to come and have a drink in my bar.”

Although the mayor of Bagnolo Mella, a woman, has said they may need to institute some emergency by-laws to deal with the traffic problems Maggi and Le Cafe have created, Maggi's business isn't in any legal trouble.

“There has been a huge influx of traffic into the town since the news of Laura started to spread and this has led to incidents of bad parking and some minor acts of vandalism,” says Mayor Cristina Almici. “We can’t stop people from going to her bar and I know it is very popular with men in the town – personally I don’t see any problem with how she looks or dresses.”

Of course, then the mayor added that, “if anything, it’s the men who go there who have a problem.” Which is probably true.

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