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Snake Dies From Silicone Poisoning After Biting Model’s Implants

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March 22nd, 2011

Orit Fox is a regular blond, caked make up and silicone balloons for boobs. She may seem harmless, but in fact she’s quite deadly.

Orit is a model with pretty impressive implants who was on a Israeli radio show playing with a snake. I don’t quite understand as to why Dj Shmulik Tayar could possibly think that this would set the ratings skyhigh - although it could possibly have something to do with her huge bazookas.

Anyways. Lucky for us, Spanish TV channel Telecinco was in the building and caught the entire act on video. From what I gather, the snake didn’t take kindly to Orits womanly charms and decided it would strike. It bit her boob.

The shocked model yelped and was immediately rushed to the hospital where she was given a tetanus shot and quarantined. Fortunately, our Dollar Store look alike Barbie is fine. I would love to say the same for the snake... but the poor thing died a few days later... from silicone poisoning.

Check out the action below!


[via TrueCrime]

by Mila Braz

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