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Protester Lights Himself On Fire, Collapses, Dies *WARNING: Disturbing Images*

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March 28th, 2012

Jamphel Yeshi, 27, is just the latest Tibetan to set himself on fire to protest Chinese control over his homeland.

Think you’ve got convictions because you signed that Kony 2012 petition as soon as you saw the video everyone posted on Facebook?

Well, in India on Monday, a dude lit himself on fire to protest the Chinese government’s rule of Tibet.

Now that’s commitment.

Jamphel Yeshi, 27, escaped from Tibet in 2006 and had been living in New Delhi ever since. When he and other Tibetan ex-pats heard that Chinese President Hu Jintao would be visiting New Delhi this week, they organized an anti-China demonstration.

But Yeshi apparently decided he would be taking his protest to the next level.

At the protest on Monday, just hours before Jintao’s arrival in New Delhi, Yeshi lit himself on fire and ran for an incredible 50 meters before collapsing.

At that point his fellow protesters put out the flames, but it was too late. He’d suffered burns to 98% of his body and would later die at the hospital.

Afterwards, Tenzin Dorjee, one of the protesters who witnessed the incident, told reporters, "This is what China faces unless they give freedom to Tibet."

But do you want to know the really insane thing? Tenzin was not kidding. This isn’t the first incidence of self-immolation by a Tibetan protester this year. It’s not the second, it’s not the tenth, and it’s not the 20th. Rather, at least 30 people have set themselves on fire this year alone to protest Chinese rule over Tibet.

So, yeah, apparently they feel pretty strongly about this situation.

[via Daily Mail]

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