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Social Media Made The Country Take Notice About Trayvon Martin

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March 26th, 2012

The Trayvon Martin story may have stayed unheard if it wasn't for social media. Photo via ABC News.

Trayvon Martin is now a household name after his story was plastered on televisions everywhere via national news outlets, but it's Twitter, Facebook and online petitions that made the country take notice.

Ten years ago people would have read about the incident in the newspaper or watched it on the television news, but what they could actually do about it was limited other than get upset about it. Now they can take their outrage and turn it into action, Brianna Bayo-Cotter,’s communication’s director told Time magazine.

It shows the level of the tragedy and the power of social media to draw attention. It gives people an avenue to do something positive about a horrible situation.

Bayo-Cotter said Trayvon Martin's petition is the largest one ever on their site, surpassing the a petition that came about after the acquittal of Casey Anthony, who was accused of murdering her daughter and one in support of Troy Davis, who was executed last year.

The Associated Press has tallied over 600,000 mentions of the Martin incident on Twitter and the number keeps growing. Over on Facebook, the “Justice For Trayvon Martin” facebook page has more than 82,000 likes and that number is also still increasing.

It was the “perfect storm” said Brian Solis, principal analyst at Altimeter Group, a San Mateo-based firm that monitors social media. A frustrated population that sees an injustice, combined with an easy platform for self-expressions, equals a widespread outcome.

Solis believes that it's not a surprise that the movement has become so popular. It's already been demonstrated in foreign countries like Egypt and London last year. Social media “is the most profound platform that we’ve ever had to do this so quickly and efficiently with such great reach.

[Story via Time]

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