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Swedish man gets World Record £650,000 Speeding Ticket

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August 12th, 2010

A Swedish motorist was speeding at 180mph in his £160,000 Mercedes-Benz SLS on the Swiss motorway when cameras clocked him; cops then rushed him to arrest him. The 37-year-old man then received the largest ticket anyone ever received!

The Swede will have to pay up to £650,000 ($1,013,872 USD) for the speeding ticket, this is under a formula that is used in Switzerland that takes in account a person’s salary and how much over the speed limit the person is driving.

The Swede authorities were embarrassed to say that the other cameras failed to clock the man because they are unable to detect speeds over 125mph.

The Swede Police Spokeman added:

"We have no record of anyone being caught travelling faster in the country."

Personally I get very emotional and on the verge of crying when I receive a parking ticket for $45 USD, I can only imagine how this guy feels. Apparently he has some kind of wealth though from the car and the high end bill he has – Good Luck Bro.

by Maurice Cox

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