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Teacher Gives High School Boys Vodka For Them To Sleep With Her

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January 31st, 2012

Jennifer Schultz, 25

This past November, a 25-year-old female teacher named Jennifer Schultz was suspended from Hebron High School in North Dakota after it was revealed that she had two male students stay over night at her house, gave them vodka, then tried to have sex with them.

I say “tried” because she was only successful with one of them. When she asked the other boy if he’d like a turn, he said no thanks. So she started fondling him—I guess to make sure he was really committed to his position—but he still declined.

Now, one has to assume that any 25-year-old female high school teacher seeking physical companionship from her students must have a lot of problems.

But if the only way you can get a straight teenage male to have sex with you is to ply him with booze, you’re even worse off than I thought. And if, even after giving a teenage boy a bunch of booze, he still doesn’t want to have sex with you?

Yikes. I mean, it’s not like teenage boys are known for their low sex drive and good judgment.

So, yeah, I’ll just come out and say it: I actually feel kind of bad for poor Jennifer Schultz. I know she did a terrible thing, but it just seems like the the woman is lonely and desperate.

It all started when four male students showed up at her door asking if she wanted to do shots with them. So she said sure, come on in. Then they all got drunk.

Later, two of the boys (ages 16 and 18) left, but two others (both 17) stayed and went to crash in Schultz’s bedroom. That, obviously, is when and where the really illegal stuff went down.

After the incident came to light, Schultz was initially suspended from her job, but she then resigned and moved out of the state.

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