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Uniform Cop Caught Having Sex With Woman On Hood Of Patrol Car *PICS*

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September 1st, 2011

Apparently if you're a cop in uniform you can have sex on the hood of a car in public and not be convicted of a crime.  That's what happened  at the out-of-the-way Canyon Ranch, which is owned by Santa Fe County.  An officer of whose name state police aren't releasing, although KRQE-TV has learned it's Bert Lopez, was caught by a surveillance camera in his uniform "mounting" a woman.

Although it was caught on camera, state police have completed the investigation and released a statement "At this point we do not believe any criminal activity occurred."  At the moment, State police are not identifying the woman in the pictures and won't comment on her relationship to the officer, but the one thing that they will say is that  the woman was not involved in any of the officer's cases.  So this was apparently not an act to get out of a crime or anything of that matter.

Robert Garcia, the Sheriff of Santa Fe County said that the officer will not be cited for indecent exposure or public lewdness simply because there was  no one was around to see it, so no one was offended.  But what about the millions of people that have, and will see these pictures as they circulate the internet, or after every comedian in the world makes every possible joke there is.

One quote worth mentioning is: "It's unfortunate; the department is embarrassed. During that bad decision, there were probably 400 other officers out doing their jobs and making the correct decision," Johnson said.  it was then noted that the officer in the pictures may be fired for tarnishing the badge and embarrassing the department.  I guess there are some perks to wearing a uniform and having a badge...although it's probably a better idea to take those behind closed doors. This gives the phrase "Fuck The Police" a new meaning


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