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Woman Accidentally Gets Office High Off Marijuana Brownies

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September 5th, 2011

In Victoria, Canada Police received a call about a possible poisoning in an office building on Vancouver Street. Upon investigation they officers were led to a refrigerator which contained some brownies that were baked with Marijuana.

A few coworkers on a coffee break saw some very delicious looking brownies in the break room. They decided to have a brownie not knowing that they were actually marijuana brownies. Moments later they started feeling symptoms including light-headedness, numbness in the limbs and disorientation.

The Victoria Police were called; upon investigation the officers were led to a fridge where they found brownies that were brought in by a fellow co-worker(woman). The woman said she found the baked brownies in her freezer and decided to bring them in and share them with her colleagues. She also stated that she didn’t make them and that her son might have made them.

The officers confronted the son and he admitted making the brownies, he said forgot that he stored them in the freezer and forgot about them - short term memory, another symptom of marijuana use.

No criminal actions were taken against the mom or her son for criminal possession of a controlled substance. The son however is expected to take part in a community work program.

Note to self: stop eating goodies brought in by coworkers.

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