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Woman Accused Of Calling Ex-Boyfriend 1,000 Times And Smashing His Windows...With A Sword

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October 13th, 2011

Usually, when someone breaks up with you, the pain recedes over time. Hence the expression “time heals all wounds.” But apparently, this is not the case for everybody.

On Tuesday, police in Houston arrested Toni Jo Silvey, 49, for allegedly stalking her ex-boyfriend...who broke up with her two years ago. Seriously.

Even though the relationship expired over two years ago, the stalking and violent outbursts only began this past June. That’s when Silvey unleashed a blitzkrieg attack of emails and phone calls—1,000 of them in three months—on her 62-year-old former lover, Peter Main.

Silvey is also believed to have egged his house, rammed into his parked car with her Chevy Blazer, and smashed windows in his home with a tire iron and a 5-foot sword (which I guess she just happened to have in the trunk of her car).

Toni Jo also started a blog supposedly aimed at informing other women about the Australian man she used to think was “charming and adorable like a kangaroo.” It probably hasn’t done much to harm Mr. Main’s reputation with the ladies, but it did give the cops all the evidence they need to link her to the vandalism.

Didn't think that one through, huh Toni?

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