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Woman Buries Dead Hubby In Backyard, Tells Kids He Just Went To Oklahoma

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March 29th, 2012

Investigators dig up old Benny Scott.

Need a good reason to buy life insurance? How about so your wife doesn’t just bury you out back underneath the herb garden when you kick the bucket—is that a good enough reason?

Old Benny Scott, 77, of Lake Alfred, Florida, apparently died back in January. I say “apparently” because the majority of his friends and family only learned about it this week.

Why the delay? Because his wife Barbara, 66, just buried him in a 3-foot grave in the backyard.

For two months, whenever someone would call or stop by looking for Benny, she had a perfectly good excuse. Sometimes she said he was in Oklahoma visiting a sick friend. Other times she would say he was ill with a throat ailment and couldn’t talk on the phone.

After a while, though, Barbara’s kids began to think something was up. And after one particular conversation with her brother in which she noticed several inconsistencies in what her mother had been telling people, Sonya Braudway finally confronted her mom about her mysteriously missing dad. That’s when she spilled the beans.

At that point, Braudway convinced her mom to call the police and inform them that she had buried her dead husband in the backyard. Sure enough, that’s where investigators found him.

As of yet, authorities still don’t know the cause of death. But, given the circumstances, they are probably a little suspicious.

Plus, Barbara Scott has a record. She was convicted of embezzlement in 1988 and served three and a half years in the slammer.

So yeah, police will be taking a nice long look at this one.

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