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Woman Calls 911 After A Horrible Manicure, Gets Arrested

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December 29th, 2010

As a woman i can only feel for the lady. We know the pain of a long awaited manicure and the feeling of pure bliss when you get called up and its your turn to dip your hand in the water to start the process.

But what we know better is the pure-smoke-blowing-out-the-ear anger we experience when the simple episode turns into a nightmare.

It’s safe to say Cynthia Colston was right to be upset when she was not satisfied after a manicure in the sunny state of Florida. Details have been spared but all we know is that Cynthia was highly upset and called the cops. Not once, not twice..but multiple times. The cops eventually showed up. But they arrested none other, the caller.

Check out the hilarious clip from the news report. I wonder what did her claws... er i mean nails come out like?


[via Fox News]

by Mila Braz

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