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Woman In Only G-String Arrest For 120MPH High Speed Chase *VIDEO*

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October 28th, 2011

High speed car chases are something that can be seen in movies all the time and apparently isn't as thrilling in the real world, unless you're wearing a see-through top with a g-string and pair of sneakers.

That exactly what happened to Erin B. Holdsworth, 28,when she was clocked going 110 mph in northeast Ohio on route 422 on Oct. 11th when the cops felt the need to pursuit the vehicle.    The officers had to use "stop sticks" in Brainbridge to end this chase chase that reached speeds of up to 128-mph.

Once the chase had  come to an end, the operator calmly stepped out of the car with her hands raised above her head.  The only problem was that she was wearing nothing but a see through shirt, g-string and a pair of sneakers. But once she she flew into a rage after cops cuffed her and began screaming and kicking the cruiser's back window and banging her head against the wall.  This crazy, bizarre arrest was all captured by the dashboard camera in the police officers cruiser.

Obviously, Erin was drunk while driving, but I would still like to know what the heck she was running from that she was dressed so oddly. I mean really, who wears sneakers with a g-string?  Holdsworth appeared in court this past Wednesday to face multiple different charges including driving under the influence, failure to comply and reckless operation.

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