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Woman Jumps Off Of Trump Place Roof To Her Death In Manhattan

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December 21st, 2010

Jessica Fashano, a 27-year-old Citigroup analyst and local philanthropist has made headlines across the state as news of her suicide made public. Jessica jumped off the roof of Trump Place on Saturday.

There isn’t much details as to why Jessica decided to commit suicide as she did not leave any notes behind or indications that her depression was at that level of self harm.

Jessica had been undergoing treatment for severe depression but according to friends and associates, she was always in high spirits. From reports, Jessica was known as a extremely successful business person as well as highly generous and charitable person. New York Times quoted, "she seemed to care more about others than about herself."

She spearheaded fund-raisers for the Acumen Fund, which makes small-business loans to people in developing countries. And just in the past month, friends said, she helped coordinate a fund-raiser at a West Village boutique for Harboring Hearts Housing, a charity that provides lodging at modest prices for cardiac patients.

Jessica was spotted on a surveillance camera entering a West Side apartment building in which she did not belong. Some 16 blocks north of where she resided. In the elevator it can be seen she asked a resident how to get to the roof at which precisely around 8:13 a.m authorities found her body in a nearby courtyard.

"It's like something just changed overnight," said Ms. Javian, who said she spoke to Ms. Fashano daily and was supposed to have had brunch with her on Saturday morning. "Something just snapped, and we don't know."

Jessica did not leave any suicide notes and there are many questions surrounding the reasons as to why she committed suicide or why the Trump Place was the chosen spot.


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