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World's Biggest Penis Causes Airport Security Scare

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July 24th, 2012

World's biggest penisJohn Falcon, the man currently holding the record for the world's biggest penis met some hard times when his unusually large package prompted a security scare at San Francisco Airport.

The 41-Year-Old from New York was stopped and frisked by TSA when they noticed a large bulging coming from his pant. Falcon said that the TSA agent asked him if his pockets where empty where he replied yes.

Falcon claimed that the TSA agent sprinkled some white powder on his pants to check for explosive even though Falcon kept telling them that “it’s my d*ck*”

"I had my 'stuff' strapped to the left. I wasn't erect at the time," Falcon told HuffingtonPost.

Falcon currently has a penis that is 9 inches flaccid and 13.5 inches erect. OH and he’s white! – so much for stereotypes!

world's biggest penis

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