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10 Cool Ways To Open A Beer *VIDEO*

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August 22nd, 2011

I admit, I have become an alcoholic this year and I am always in need of a beer bottle opener if I'm not drinking some hard liquor. I am usually around people when I drink so I don't just want to open my beer, I want to do it and impress people, become the conversation of the party.

I decided I would search the wonderful YouTube for some cool ways to impress my friends and here I found 10 Awesome ways to open a beer - No bottle openers!

Unfortunately for this one I do not have boobs, I can probably use some hottie's boobs though, that would make the trick even better!

This one looks simple enough, hopefully I don't break the other bottle in the process!

Honestly? I wouldn't try this one! I would probably cut my leg off instead! but it sure looks cool!

Anything with a sharp end and a fast action, I opt out. I leave things like this up to the professional!

Some people are skilled! I'm not that skilled!

This I will definitely try!

Looks easy enough!

This I can actually do and do all the time, yes I am the live of the party!

A huge forearm is required for this trick!

To open one beer you must first drink one! sounds good!

I am social, got an ego, got a good sense of humor, I have a fit body and I'm usually hype!
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