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5 Weirdest Types of Book Storage

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March 5th, 2012

Self Storage BooksHeavy readers have a tendency to fill their homes with books. Storage space is at a premium,  and many readers still prefer the print version to new, shiny e-book options. Here are a few interesting (and bizarre) ways people are storing books.

5. Lounge and read
The combination-chair-and-bookcase provides bibliophiles with the combination of the luxury of lounging and the practicality of having at least 30 or so of your favorite tomes on-hand. The only problem is that the chair itself doesn't look too comfortable. And what do you do if you're wheeling your new bookcase/chair around and it tips to one side? Seems like a recipe for book-spilling disaster. Still, that attached lamp looks pretty handy.

4. Combing spaces
If you have a small space, an excess of books, and don't want to invest in mini storage, there's another creative option: stairs that function as book storage.  This stair and bookcase design is genius. It forces visitors to view your book collection and really take in how intelligent and tasteful you are. If they want to go upstairs, they have to trudge through your library first.

3. Damp reading
This "luxury whirlpool" designed by Blubleu Italia, offers you a luxury that many can't afford: thoroughly soaked books and magazine. The built-in bookcase on the side stores your favorite novels and periodicals. The hot tub fits up to four people, so you and your family can finally live your dreams and awkwardly hold a magazine above the tub's bubbling waters. Ahhh, relaxing.

2. Circular shelf
If you have an excess of extra space and are looking for something really striking, one of these round bookshelves is the way to go. Although they're more art pieces than functional furniture, if you've got enough money to throw at someone, you could probably get one built.

1. Closet-turned-shelf
This closet book nook is fantastic for kids and picture book collections. Of course, you have to give up some closet space, but what kid needs clothing storage when they have books? Clearing out a main closet and putting the contents in a storage unit is probably worth creating this cozy, personalized space.

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