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College Basketball Player Posts Sex Tapes To Facebook

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March 28th, 2012

Police allege that Jonathan Holton posted two sex tapes on Facebook. Photo via Providence Journal.

File this under probably not a good idea. A basketball player from the University Of Rhode Island was arrested yesterday morning for allegedly posting two sex videos on Facebook.

The official charges against the freshman student, Jonathan Holton was two counts of video voyeurism. Campus police arrested him after two students said he made videos of two separate sexual encounters with them and those videos were posted on Facebook. Police say the encounters took place on the campus last fall and were consensual, but that they didn't know about the video taping.

Holton's lawyer said the player didn't post the images to Facebook and that he didn't email them or forward them to anyone else. The lawyer says an unauthorized third party accessed Holton's Facebook account and maliciously sent the videos from his name.

The two female students reported the incidents March 17 to student affairs personal, then three days later to campus police. The victims went to the police after being told by friends that videos of them had been posted to Facebook and forwarded to approximately thirty other people.

The two counts of video voyeurism are considered felonies and yesterday morning Holton was arraigned on the charges before being released. Holton was suspended from the basketball team and he could be suspended from school. He's facing three years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

The head coach of the basketball team refused to comment, but the vice president of student affairs put out a statement. Thomas R. Dougan said, "these are disturbing allegations that strike at the core of our commitment to make this a safe and civil campus community. Respect for the rights and privacy of all of our community members is paramount. Campus police and Student Affairs are involved in separate intensive investigations surrounding these allegations."

[Story via Providence Journal]

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