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Cow Wanders Up to McDonald's Drive Thru - Orders Hamburger

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April 25th, 2012

Alright, the part about the hamburger I made up, but the cow really did wander up to a McDonald's drive thru window ... because it was lonely. Despite the fact that Cows cannot talk, you have to admit the whole act just screams of irony.  The owners claim Darcy was just looking for attention, but I think there were a few more possibilities  here:

a) Was Darcy the cow there to protest the use of Pink Slime in McDonald's Hamburgers?  "Here's your beef McDonald's, Suck It!"

b) Like many in the struggling middle class, perhaps Darcy is willing to cannibalize  herself to get by?

c) Perhaps Darcy's trip to McDonald's was the opening shot in a Cow Vs. Human war.  "We can get you where you live!"

d) Darcy was actually led to McDonald's by Peta protesters, hoping that cutesy news stories would make us all freak out subconsciously the next time we tear into a Quarter Pounder.  (Poor Darcy!)

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