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Dew iPod Quiver Shoulder Strap for Convenience

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May 25th, 2010

If you like to walk, run or just find an easier way to carry listen and control your iPod or iPhone with you while you, then should seriously consider getting this creatively designed “iPod Shoulder Strap”.

I know you are probably thinking why buy a shoulder strap when I can just carry it around in my purse, pocket or belt clip? Unlike other carrying devices the Quiver Should Strap allows you to keep your digital gear organized and easily controlled without having to fumble with the device - this doesn’t come in handy when you are exercising.

The iPod Shoulder Strap has several slots to store an iPhone or iPod as well as your wallet or other small device. Once you insert the electronic device and hook it into the shoulder strap you will also be able to access the device using the soft control keypad conveniently located on your chest. You will be able to make and receive calls, adjust the volume, and skip between songs with the touch of a button. The headphone management system keeps your headphone cords and the device neatly organized and convenient to use

It’s already hard enough trying to exercise, this gadget allows us at least be able to manage our music easier.


by Eric Ansah

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