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Free Running With Style; Check Out Damien Walters a Parkour Legend *VIDEO*

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November 17th, 2011

This guy right here just inspired me to do something with my life. I actually started searching for a local gymnastic gym to at least learn how to do a front flip without breaking my neck. After watching the ballsy parkour tricks performed by free running master, Damien Walters, I just realized I have no athletic abilities what so ever and need to push my body to the limit.

Born in Derby, United Kingdom, Damien Walter has been doing gymnastics since the age of 5. This all started when he was 4 and attempted to do a front flip on his parents lawn which he failed. Concerned mom figured she couldn't stop this dare devil so she enroll him into a gymnastic class. Damien Walters got very good at the sport and is now a professional stuntman. It's not easy to get his body to perform such amazing athletics tasks, he trained 4 hours per day. 4 hours more than I currently train!

Now you can see in the video below that Damien Walters has upgraded from doing front flips on the front lawn, to doing backflips from the top of high rise buildings to the next, flipping over cars and doing somethings that I didn't know was possible until now. Check out this video!

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