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Guy Tries Out To Be Denver Broncos Cheerleader *VIDEO*

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April 22nd, 2012

You gotta give this guy some credit, at least got to hang out with a room full of honeys for an afternoon;  but then again... Sacha Heppell had a dream.  Pom poms in hand, he'd bounce and gyrate at the side-lines inspiring the mighty Denver Broncos to victory.  Then, after the game, in the locker room ... yeah, let's not go there.

Yes, they really did allow Sacha to try out for the Denver Bronos Cheer leading team, but despite his best efforts Sacha did not get past the first round.  Don't you even suggest they let him try out just to avoid a discrimination suit, because that would be just silly.

Even though he didn't make it, Heppell says he has all intentions of trying out for the squad next year.  Heppel was the only male to compete against the 200 gorgeous females on hand.  I wonder if they let straight guys in for this sort of thing?



[via wstp]


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