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Marijuana Vending Machines Will Make Pot Purchase Easier

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May 2nd, 2012

A company based in California claims their Marijuana vending machine concept will make medical pot easier to obtain (duh) and control.  Dispense labs presented their Autospense Medical Marijuana vending machine Friday.  Clear your mind of those images of bleary eyed 13 year old's popping quarters in this baby and walking away with a bong full of Katniss Kush, in order to use the machine verified Medical Marijuana patients will need to register to receive a special access card and pin.

The machine itself is a little more sophisticated than your average vending machine.  Once you 'log in' to the machine, you are granted access to a closed compartment where you can conduct your transaction in privacy, choosing from a menu of the yummy medicines.  If it is after hours, you will need to use your fingerprints to proceed with the transaction.

If this all makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside consider this:  previous attempts at vending machines have wound up seized by the DEA, since the sale and purchase of Marijuana is still a Federal crime.  If the trade-off for convenience is having your name, address, and even fingerprints, on a company database that is violating Federal law, it might still be safer to buy off the dude that hangs out in front of 7-11.

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