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Sex Toy Company To Donate High Tech Dildos To Military Wives

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January 11th, 2012

Military families have it rough during wartime. One family member has to be thousands of miles away trying to kill people for months or years on end; the other has to stay home and take care of the house and kids all alone.

This would be hard enough. But let’s face, military wives and husbands get horny, too, and this must certainly lead to a lot of anxiety.

Is my wife over in Afghanistan going to hook up with some other soldier in a moment of desperation? Is my husband going to nail my best friend back at home because, well, let’s face it, he’s a dude?

Well, fortunately for these lonely military spouses, one high tech sex toy company has got their backs. Or at least, they’re trying to.

Scott Rinaldo, the manager for an adult toy company called RealTouch, says his company has partnered with a porn production company called Pink Visual in an attempt to donate a thousand of their high-tech sex toys to military families.

The high-tech sex toy in question is, not surprisingly, the RealTouch—which they bill as the “Award Winning Interactive Masturbator for Men.”

How does it work?

I thought you’d never ask. You see, the standard market model is basically an electronic vagina that you hook up to your computer. Then you download the software, pop in a porno, and the RealTouch electronic vag synchronizes its whirring, buzzing, and rubbing to the action on screen.

Here are some more photos of the device:

I know: interesting, but ultimately kind of gross.

Scott Rinaldo says what they want to donate are RealTouch systems that are fully interactive over the internet. So instead of just syncing the virtual vagina to a porno, you would sync it to an electronic dildo. Thus, what the dude does to the e-vag would affect the e-dildo, and what the woman does to the e-dildo would affect the e-vag.

So basically, the company’s goal is to donate a bunch of virtual conjugal visit machines to military families. And they say they’ve been trying to get in touch with the military to make it happen.

Yeah, good luck with that.

However, if military families wanted to purchase the RealTouch system for themselves (or if you do), they can do so for a modest $249.

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