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Student Create The Coolest Automated Dorm Room EVER! *VIDEO*

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May 8th, 2012

Derek, a fresh man at Berkeley, decided that his dorm room was a little plain. Being an engineer major he decided to create Berkeley Ridiculously Automated Dorm (also known as BRAD).

With a few hundred dollars, 3 months and lots of skills, Derk was able to hook his room up with  automated lighting, drapes, music, motion detection, and more. He can control everything through voice recognition. He also has it hooked up so his computer, iPhone and iPad have control.

That's not all! BRAD came equipped with a few special features, there is a few special quick action modes you can chose from: Homework mode that turns on the lights on at Derek's desk; Romance mode sets the scene with "appropriate" music and mood lighting; and my favorite, Party mode that really goes all out, with party tunes, strobe lighting, and even a disco ball.


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