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Trekkie Turns Apartment Into Star Trek Ship, Then Loses It In Divorce

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January 27th, 2012

Tony Alleyne, extreme trekkie, buttering his space toast

Tony Alleyne reallyloves Star Trek. So when he and his wife separated way back in 1994, he decided he’d turn their apartment in Hinckley, England, into a replica of a Star Trek starship.

After 10 years, when it was all done, the place was a geek’s paradise.

Only problem was, ever since Tony and his wife separated all those years ago, she was the one paying the mortgage. So when they finally went before a judge and got an official divorce, it was determined that she’s the one who really owns the place.

And, yeah, she wants to sell...after turning it back into a normal apartment.

Did you hear that sound? Listen close. That’s a million trekkie hearts shattering into a hundred million pieces.

Tony Alleyne says he spend about $6,500 turning the apartment into a replica of the Star Trek Voyager starship, but estimates it would have cost over $100,000 if he hadn’t done all the work himself.

Obviously, he considers it his life’s work...which is a total bummer.

The apartment/starship’s coolest feature is without a doubt the replica of the Voyager’s command console. From there, you can control all the apartment’s lights and sound effects.

Yes, the apartment has sound effects. It also a transporter pad, which is essential.

And the windows? Yeah, they’ve been covered up with plastic scenes of outer space, obviously. Looking out a window as a parking lot would really ruin the illusion of being on a starship. Besides, who really needs natural light anyway?

Looks normal on the outside, right?

But on the inside, the apartment is out of this world

Captain Alleyne at the command, doing Captainy things like...uh...turning on the lights

[via Daily Mail]

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